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Audio Sensor


  • Use Unity Messages (Advanced): Whether the AI is initialized and updated by Unity or done manually.
  • Use Fixed Update (Advanced): Whether the AI responds to Unity Update or FixedUpdate messages. Only valid if Use Unity Messages is checked.
  • Is Active (Advanced): Whether the AI is currently updating.
  • Body: The GameObject that the AI will move and animate.
  • Sensor Name: The name of the sensor. Useful for specifying a specific sensor when using a Detect node or in code.
  • Is Active (Advanced): Whether the sensor is currently detecting aspects.
  • Sensor Color: The color of the gizmo in the scene.
  • Mount Point: Where the sensor is mounted. If it is empty it will be mounted to the AI body.
  • Position Offset (Advanced): How much the sensor's position is offset from its mount point.
  • Angle Offset (Advanced): How much the sensor's orientation is offset from its mount point.
  • Range (Advanced): The maximum distance from the sensor where aspects will be detected.
  • Volume Threshold: Determines the lowest volume the audio sensor will consider when detecting aspects.
  • Can Detect Self (Advanced): Whether to include the AI body when detecting aspects.
  • Add Filter (Advanced): Adds a filter to your sensor. Currently RAIN supports only one filter type, Nearest X Filter. If you create your own Custom Filter you can select it here.


  • Select All: Selects all of the sensors that are on this AI.
  • Remove Selected: Removes the selected sensors on this AI.


Basic Senses is used to detect Audio Aspects and Visual Aspects in your Unity scene. This is done by adding Visual and Audio Sensors to your AI and using them through the Detect node.

Once you have added a sensor, you can select it by left clicking on its title bar. You can select multiple sensors by holding the Ctrl key down.

You can also move, rotate, and scale any selected sensors by using the transform tools.


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