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Getting Started

This guide provides a brief walk-through of RAIN. Its purpose is to equip you with the fundamentals for getting RAIN up and running quickly.

Go here to get the latest version of RAIN as well as instructions on getting it into your project.

RAIN Workflow

Almost every component in RAIN follows the same simple workflow:

  1. Create it from the RAIN Menu
  2. Locate it within the Hierarchy
  3. Modify it using the Inspector.

RAIN Components

There are 6 RAIN components you do the majority of your development in:

Basic and Advanced Settings

All of the RAIN components have basic and advanced settings. Most users will only need to use the basic settings and this is the default when first installing RAIN.

To change between basic and advanced settings:

  1. Open the component context menu (right click the title bar, or click the gear icon).
  2. Choose Show Advanced Settings or Show Basic Settings.

Changing your shown settings affects all of your RAIN components.

Colors, Visualizations, and Help

Several RAIN components have color choosers located in their title bar, and all of them have visualization and help buttons

  • The color chooser allows you to change your visualization color.
  • The visualization button turns on and off the visualization for that entire component.
  • The help icon takes you directly to the appropriate page within this wiki (more below).

Help and Tips

You can get help and tips within RAIN in multiple ways:

  • For quick help: Tool tips are filled out for most RAIN components in the Inspector. Hover your mouse over a property to display the tool tip.
  • For detailed component information: A help icon is located on each RAIN component. This icon takes you directly to the corresponding Wiki page.
  • For help building behavior: Within the Behavior Tree Editor, a help box has a quick summary for each node as well as a help icon that you can click.
  • Resources online: You can access the community page directly from the RAIN Menu. The community page has everything you need in one spot including our forums, tutorials and sample projects, wiki, API documentation, and more.

Next Steps

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