Rival Theory Inc, is an artificial intelligence (AI) company founded by William Klein and Amanda Solosky.

Rival Theory focuses on the use of advanced AI technology to create smart, realistic characters for the entertainment industry.

Our first product RAIN™ is the #1 AI Engine for Unity. RAIN is one of the most widely adopted AI solutions for digital entertainment, used by over 40,000 developers.

Today, RAIN is used by students, hobbyists, professional studios, and government branches to apply AI enabled characters in advertising, video games, simulations, film, and media.

Now, Rival Theory continues to focus on creating the most realistic, cutting edge AI characters possible through the next generation of our technology, Sentio™. Sentio, is a platform for interactive digital characters that have long term memory, self-driven behavior, and the ability to follow players throughout different apps and games and across all their devices.

To learn more about Rival Theory, RAIN, Sentio, or to inquire about investment, please contact us.