RAIN Starter Kit: Basic Behaviors
Last Updated: Feb 13, 2022 *Added Audio Sensors

In this project we provide examples that demonstrate movement, waypoints, navmeshes, and sensing using RAIN. Patrol, Wander, and Follow behaviors are also included.

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Squad Command:
Advanced Warfighter AI

This is an overview of our new package Squad Command: Advanced Warfighter AI. With advanced AI soldiers, reusable gameplay components, and fully rigged scenes: Squad Command is the fastest way to start making characters with RAIN.

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RAIN Quick Start:
Character Rigging in less than 15 mins
with Sample Project

In this video Prime gives you a quick walkthrough and introduction to using RAIN 2.1 to quickly create AI inside of Unity3D.

Download the RAIN Quick Start project

Squad Command: Advanced Warfighter Tutorials

Part 1: Behavior Tree Bindings

Part 1 OF SC. Prime starts off our Squad Command: Advanced Warfighter AI tutorial series by explaining the Defender Soldier’s behavior tree bindings.

Part 2: Detect Enemy Behavior

Part 2 OF SC. Prime explains the Defender Soldier’s Behavior Tree before jumping into code in the next video.

Part 3: Detect Enemy Code

Part 3 OF SC. Prime jumps into the Detect Enemy custom action code and the logic behind it.

Part 4: Patrol Behavior

Part 4 OF SC. Prime explains the Defender Soldier’s Patrol Behavior Tree and what happens when the Defender Soldier spots an enemy. Then Prime jumps into code for a deeper understanding of the custom actions.