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Creating a Navigation Mesh

This section will introduce you to the Navigation Mesh, and how to create one.

The Navigation Mesh system relies on a mesh path representation to define walkable areas of the environment. The mesh representation is automatically calculated using a technique knows as “Recast”, made popular by Mikko Mononen.

Recast can be used to have detailed pathfinding through areas that require complex obstacle avoidance, or require more flexibility than Waypoints.

For more information be sure to read Navigation Mesh Overview.

Initial Creation

TO Start: Go to the RAIN Menu

  1. In the RAIN menu, select Create Navigation Mesh.
  2. This will add a Navigation Mesh object in the hierarchy.
  3. Selecting the Navigation Mesh object in the hierarchy will display the Nav Mesh Rig in the Inspector.
  4. Within the Nav Mesh Rig component:
    1. Default values are already set.
    2. Adjust Navigation Mesh properties as needed such as Size and Mesh Color for starters.
  5. Click Generate Navigation Mesh to create.

Next Steps

See Also

Review the AI Navigator to learn how the Navigation Mesh is used in path searching.

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