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Creating AI

In RAIN the Mind is responsible for all of the “thinking”, including decision making and action selection.

In RAIN, all AI are created by default with a basic mind. The Behavior Tree can be used for creating basic logic or complex behaviors.

This section will walk you through how to create an AI, and guide you towards the next step.

Additional Note: The recommended setup for a GameObject to be turned in to an AI is to use a collider and a RigidBody component rather than a CharacterController. Constrain the RigidBody's rotation in the X, Y, and Z to prevent the physics system from affecting rotation; this won't prevent the AI from turning.

Initial Creation

TO Start: Select the GameObject in the hierarchy you want to add AI to.

  1. In the RAIN menu, select Create AI.
  2. This will add a AI object on your GameObject in the hierarchy.
  3. Selecting the AI object on your GameObject in the hierarchy will display the AIRig component in the Inspector.
  4. Within the AIRig component, you will find the basic 6 elements, and an additional custom element.
    1. This is where you will modify all of the details for this specific AI.
    2. Each AI have their own individual AIRig component.

Next Steps

See Also

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For more information on the AIRig component review AI Rig

Check out the AI Mind

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