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Talk about what a priority is.



  • Node Type: The type of node this is.
  • Name: The name of the node, useful for labeling larger trees.
  • Repeat: Whether or not this node should repeat. Priority nodes are always set to Forever.
  • Debug Break (for Debugging): When checked, if this node is started while running in the editor, playback will be paused.


  • Weight (for Random): How likely this node is to be selected when in a random node.
  • Priority (for Sequencer/Selector): The priority of this node. The highest priority child will be run first.
  • Starting Priority (see Usage): The initial priority of this node when the Priority node first starts.
  • Running Priority (see Usage): The priority of this node while running, refreshed by the Priority node at a set rate.


  • Refresh Rate: The amount of time to wait before refreshing the running priorities of any child nodes.



Talk about normal use

Talk about the starting and running priorities


Updating Priorities

Talk about the kind of values you should use for priorities, and when they will be updated.

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