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    In this fourth and final starter video, we work with the RAIN AIRig, Sensor, Waypoint routes and Behavior Tree, to complete a simple FPS patrol/break, attack and search behavior. We also take our first look at Custom Action and writing script.

    The next series of videos will be intermediate level and dive more into some of the features of RAIN AI and other components. We’ll work a great deal more with code to provide custom behaviors and dynamic Behavior Trees.

    Please post here with any questions or issues. This is just the beginning of a complete series that is intended to bring information you learn in the forum, Wiki and API together. Enjoy!

    Sample Project

    Part 1: Get Started With RAIN 2.0.10 Video Walkthrough

    Part 2: Get Started With RAIN 2.0.10 Video Walkthrough

    Part 3: Get Started With RAIN 2.0.10 Video Walkthrough

    Part 4: Get Started With RAIN 2.0.10 Video Walkthrough

    EDIT: We fix a bug in the last video and reuploaded the corrected version.



    I’m in the process of updating this video to include a change to the Waypoint path node at the very bottom of the behavior tree.

    NOTE: you want the variable passed from your script to be entered in the Waypath nodes ‘Path Target’ field. Also, place the Move node as a child of the Waypath node.

    The project is already updated and available for download.

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    Excellent work so far thank you very much. This will help a lot of people it has even been fairly easy for me to convert this to the mecanim system and have it work. Please keep up the great work.



    yes, thank you! these tutorials are helpful!



    Video has been changed and reuploaded!



    I think either the script or the RAIN engine itself makes unity freeze.

    Way to replicate freeze:
    1) get detected & hide
    2)vague part -> while he is searching you, make yourself visible & hide a couple of times.
    3)let him hit you -> unity freezes.



    A Unity freeze will almost always mean that there is an infinite loop in code. If you are using the code from one of our early tutorial samples, that may be the problem. Feel free to send us a project that demonstrates the issue and we’ll help fix it.



    I enjoyed all your videos. They were very useful and they helped me to get started with RAIN.
    I am able to get most of my ideas into reality now, but i’m having a major problem with detecting dynamic objects.
    This includes moving platforms/doors but specially(!) other walking npcs. My walking NPCs often get on waypoints or corridors because they are walking straight on the line and into each other.

    Could you make a video on simple avoidance behavior? I can’t find anything on google, just some references to some old sample projects which are not available anymore.

    There is that thread from last October
    that mentions Dynamic repathing, but I can’t find anything about it?

    Thanks a lot!

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