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    Hi guys
    just been messing around with rain (indie ) for a couple hours managed to figure out waypoints but most of my characters travel backwards!. I tried rotating them manually but did not help.
    I have a unity asset model that travels forward but almost everything else is backwards.
    What am i missing here?

    The unity asset was facing backward when put in scene while another model i had faced sideways and walked sideways. most of my other models face forward opposite to the asset one but walk backwards but then there is one who faces forward and moves forward like the asset. Im confused how do i get my models (all)to walk the way there faces are.
    Tried to turn some the way the asset faces and then prefab them put back in scene but they are still walking backwards!!.

    ps created a empty game object added a char to it and rotated then tried again now to faces the4 right way but def don’t want to have to use hundreds of empties.

    Also is there a search function for the forum i don’t see one.

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    and search press the forums button above then upper right



    @tawdry - sorry we missed responding to you. Not sure what happened, but I didn’t see any of your posts. I must have been interrupted while going through, and then lost track.

    @RyanMitchellGames - thanks for stepping in and helping out.



    Was getting a bit pissed after 2 days got to admit. just surprised the community doesn’t respond they should be mostly the same community as over at unity forums? and usually you get responses to posts long as the questions arn’t too stupid?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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