Check out some of the improvements, upgrades and new features coming to RAIN.

  • New pathfinding engine improves both speed and memory efficiency
  • Full Nav Mesh support
  • Optimized Recast for Nav Mesh creation and visualization
  • Improved Waypoint system
  • Improved Obstacle Avoidance through dynamic navmeshes

Improved UI:
  • Now easier than ever to create an AI and rig a scene
  • Improved Editor controls
  • Easily integrate custom and 3rd party editors
  • Wizards walk you through rigging AI, adding aspects to a scene, and setting up pathfinding

Behavior Trees:
  • Revamped behavior tree system has better performance
  • New ability to combine partial trees
  • Support for dynamic priorities
  • BT Editor now supports editing custom BT nodes and parameters
  • Support for 3rd party BT libraries

  • Completely redesigned Sensor system reduces complexity and improves performance
  • New Aspect system supports detailed feature detection
  • User createable and 3rd party Sensor Filters allow sensor data processing

Motion Control and Animation:
  • Redesigned motion controllers support fine grained control of movement with simple animations or root motion
  • Built in support for Locomotion and Animation via Mecanim
  • Comes packaged with a customizable Mecanim state machine for out-of-the-box movement

Customization, Extensions, Plugins, and 3rd party libraries:
  • Enhanced architecture supports custom overrides of any RAIN component
  • Easy import/export of full AI rigs to XML
  • RAIN AI are embeddable in 3rd party products without the need to include RAIN libraries (e.g., Asset Store products)
  • Users and 3rd party providers can extend RAIN with custom Behavior Tree Nodes, Animation Systems, Sensors and Sensor Filters, Aspect Libraries

One-Click updates and upgrades

New and improved Documentation, Code Samples, Tutorials, and Example Projects