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This page is for features from RAIN{indie} 1.3.4 version.

Our latest RAIN 2.0 version, is available to download directly from our website and currently cannot be downloaded from the Unity Asset Store.

Check out the RAIN 2.0 Features and Download the new version.


RAIN’s movement, behavior and pathfinding systems work together seamlessly to control Character motion. Use scene waypoints to create paths fast, or take advantage of the automatic recast and navigation grid system for detailed movement. The built-in Behavior Tree editor can help you tie movement to behavior to create patrol, hiding, attack, chase, wander, and other movement behaviors.


Whether you are building simple background behaviors or creating complex strategic decision making, RAIN’s behavior system can help bring your Character to life. Create realistic behaviors through the graphical Behavior Tree editor and quickly add movement, animation, sensory awareness, and sound effects. Import, share and reuse previously created behaviors through XML.


RAIN is the only AI engine on Unity to support Mecanim, with built-in integration between behavior, movement, animation control and the ability to drive Mecanim state machines. Unity Legacy-style animations are also supported, with playback and transitioning support throughout RAIN’s motion systems. RAIN provides easy extensibility for creating and integrating user-defined animation controllers.


We know that creative vision should not be inhibited by technical constraints, and that’s why RAIN has been engineered to deliver reliable performance, smooth framerate and superb player experience across target platforms.

Ultimately, our intent is to capture the essence of the original artistic inspiration without imposing limits.

Features Summary
  • Navigation

  • Automatic navigation graph creation

  • Pathfinding

  • Pathfollowing

  • Path smoothing

  • Waypoints

  • Patrol Routes

  • Support 2D and 3D navigation

  • Recast visualization

  • Extensible path architecture

  • Motion

  • Obstacle avoidance

  • Kinematic controller

  • Character controller

  • Extensible motion architecture

  • Behavior

  • Behavior Trees

  • Graphical behavior creation

  • Logic nodes

  • Timer nodes

  • Parallel actions

  • Conditional behavior

  • Integration with sound

  • Integration with animation

  • Integration with sensors

  • Integration with motion

  • Scripting templates

  • State machine support

  • XML support

  • Customizable actions

  • Animation

  • Mecanim support

  • Legacy support

  • IK support

  • Head look

  • 3D spatial awareness

  • Vision sensor

  • Tactile sensor

  • Olfactory sensor

  • Auditory sensor

  • Taste sensor

  • Customizable sensors

  • Line-of-sight

  • Aspect oriented feature detection

  • Scene mark-up tools

  • Resources

  • Up to date downloads

  • Sample projects

  • Code samples

  • Tutorials

  • Community Forum

  • API documentation

  • Component documentation

  • Wiki documentation