New RAIN Release

RAIN has arrived

The new RAIN is here and it is more powerful than ever! After over a year of development and the support from our tens of thousands of users, we are ready to reveal the latest version of the most powerful AI engine on Unity. The complete list of new features and upgrades, makes this the largest update we have ever created in our company’s history and is unmatched by any other solution available.

For those of you that are new to our engine, RAIN is a modular, extensible, free AI Engine that encompasses every element needed to create characters in digital entertainment. Among the comprehensive features, RAIN includes a professional automatic navigation mesh creation tool.

Our community is bigger than ever, and growing by the day. We created a brand new Community Portal that has everything RAIN developers need all in one place. We have even gone one step further and integrated tooltips within RAIN, so developers can immediately access the information they need.

Not only have we completely updated RAIN itself, we have changed the way developers can make RAIN work for them. With our new modular architecture, developers have the ability to create a wide range of plug-ins and extensions, opening up the possibilities of third-party tools and previously untapped potential into the RAIN workflow. Whoa is right! This new version of RAIN is pretty mindblowing.

To download RAIN click below and follow the instructions to make sure you get the version that’s right for you.

Download the New RAIN


Since its initial release, RAIN has been used in a number of projects ranging from indie projects to high-profile releases. We will be showcasing these projects in the coming weeks so you can have a great example of what’s possible with RAIN.

For upcoming features in RAIN, check out our Upcoming Features page.

Pick up a copy of RAIN and let us know what you think! Now go forth and create something awesome!

-Rival Theory

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