Check out some of the improvements, upgrades and extensions coming to RAIN.

Complete AI Characters:
  • Fully rigged, ready-to-use Characters
  • Complete packages including characters and matching environmental props
  • Access to a library of behaviors
  • Personality influences and Goal-Oriented Behavior

  • Dynamic navmesh updates
  • Navigation Mesh stitching
  • Obstacle Avoidance through dynamic navmeshes

Improved UI:
  • An Entity builder, to speed up world markup
  • Support for custom visualizations
  • Wizards walk you through rigging AI, adding aspects to a scene, and setting up pathfinding

Behavior Trees:
  • Revamped behavior tree editor
  • Additional support for new nodes
  • New nodes for tagging aspects dynamically
  • Improving the expression builder
  • Support for 3rd party BT libraries

Motion Control and Animation:
  • Improved Mecanim support
  • Comes packaged with a customizable Mecanim state machine for out-of-the-box movement

Customization, Extensions, Plugins, and 3rd party libraries:
  • Premier Rival Theory developer program
  • RAIN AI are embeddable in 3rd party products without the need to include RAIN libraries (e.g., Asset Store products)

Network Support