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    Just a heads up to the community.

    We’re looking into a simplified solution for navigating to targets on the NavMesh. The new solution would no longer require that

    (a) the AI be located directly on the ground, or
    (b) the move to location be located on or close to the ground

    Instead, the movement system will make some assumptions about navigating and moving when 3D movement is not enabled, and will attempt to “do the right thing” by pathing in 3D but path following in 2D.

    I suspect most of you will be in favor of this change, but if anyone has questions, concerns, or objections, please voice them here.



    This is perfect! is there an estimated ETA?

    Thanks for such great service



    Changes are in. We’re just testing now. In the updated system, AI will be able to navigate on the navmesh regardless of their y position. This means you can use flying AI that still obey navmesh, create characters that don’t require their transform to be on the ground, etc.

    We had hoped to push the update out before the 28th, but it looks like we won’t get enough testing time in. We’ll instead try for Dec 3.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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