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    I have a very simple requirement for the AI character I am putting together.

    1) As the game starts all the renderers on the AI should be disabled.

    2) The AI then patrols a waypoint path

    3) on detecting the player the renderers should be enabled and an audio clip attached to a child object of the AI shoul play.

    4) when the clip is finished the renderers should again be disabled.

    I have all of this working except for turning the renderers on and off.

    Can someone please provide a simple example of how this might be achieved. I have some other custom actions which I would like to implement, but I feel that if I can get a grasp of this simple one then I should be able to work out the others for myself.

    Please help, I am getting very frustrated as RAIN is doing everything I need so far, and doing it well, so I don’t want to drop it for a different AI and start from scratch.

    Many thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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