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    Being new to this, I attempted to ask this before, but I phrased my question very poorly and I didn’t really get an easy answer (if there is one).

    Basically I have a navmesh that has “the proper amount of empty space” around obstacles to have the found paths be spacious enough for the characters (+ a little wiggleroom). This is relevant, because I want to smooth the movement along the turns.

    My control scheme is a point-and-click to move, much similar to something like Diablo III controls. Idea is that by pointing and clicking, the player can move to a target location. With the default settings (I’m a total noob with everything related to RAIN so far, so I don’t know how to approach this at all), the movement is very direct and the turns are sharp (I animate the turn speed of the object, but the lines it _walks_ on are very direct). I want the turns on the corners of the found Path to be smoothed out.

    So in short, my question is:

    What is the proper way to approach smooth movement along a found path with RAIN?
    (For me, it is not mandatory for the object to actually reach the waypoint exactly, as long as it goes “close enough”, say epsilon)



    Oh, also, the direction of my character turns towards the target point immediately as a default instead of turning towards the next waypoint.



    Just answered this on your other post. If you are using simple movement in RAIN, you can partially avoid the issue by reducing turn speed (this makes things look a little less jumpy, but they still turn on a dime.) The best solution is usually switching to Mecanim root motion movement and including turning animations.



    Okay, thanks mate. I’ll look more into that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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