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    Sorry fir double posting here and in Q&A, but I’m never sure which is the best place to get a response. Anyway…

    I have managed to get everything on my AI rig working so far, but I am having trouble with how one is supposed to call to a function in a script on an arbitrary GameObject.

    Can anyone point me to a simple example of this being done?
    Even just a simple

    function Start(){ Debug.Log(“hello world”); }

    type thing.

    My preferred language is UnityScript, but I think I speak enough C# now to be able to understand. My Questions are:

    where on ones AI rig would one place a script to call to another Object?

    When I create a custom action, it goes in to the Assets/AI/Actions folder. How do I access it from my AI rig?

    What is the difference between a custom action and a custom extension? And where can I find simple examples of either in use?

    I feel that once I’ve cracked these questions RAIN will become the AI of choice for the whole project.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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