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    Hi , currently my npc and animal logic are using the unity’s navigation mesh , since we start integrate the RAIN Behavior tree to our system I just wonder should we definitely discard the previous usage of unity’s navigation mesh and purely use the RAIN ? What’s the difference between RAIN and Unity’s navmesh and what kind of benefits from RAIN nav ? can we still live with the unity’s navigation mesh after integrate RAIN ? do the movement by using the custom action etc . it’s very important for us to know the potential of the RAIN navigation system and what are the possibilities to work with RAIN.




    Sorry, I started to reply to this email a few days ago but got sidetracked.

    Unity and RAIN navigation meshes are pretty similar. Both are based on Mikko Mononen’s Recast system. Actual movement in Unity is based somewhat on Mikko’s Detour algorithms (I think), while RAIN has a different agent-centric approach to path following. Both create good meshes, have good visualizations, and work well for AI movement.

    It is possible to use RAIN in conjunction with Unity’s NavMesh system. To do it, you should create a CustomMotor that hands off movement to Unity’s NavMeshAgent system.

    Here are some specific differences between the RAIN and Unity navigation.

    - Unity requires objects to be either terrain or marked as Static in order for them to be considered by the navmesh generator. RAIN doesn’t check the static flag, but instead considers all colliders.
    - RAIN supports multiple NavMeshes, Unity supports one per scene
    - RAIN AI can be assigned to specific NavMeshes, allowing you to create different meshes for different types of AI or different sizes.
    - RAIN supports navigation between NavMeshes and navigation to targets that are not on the NavMesh.
    - RAIN supports dynamic navmesh generation at runtime.

    - Unity’s system can sometimes run a little faster since it is based on native code.
    - Unity supports off mesh links. RAIN doesn’t yet support that.

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