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    RAIN version Release Notes

    #usingRAIN (top 6):
    1) Multiple nav meshes in one scene
    2) New RAIN starter kit (
    3) Custom behavior tree nodes
    4) Automatic nav mesh selection
    5) Mecanim support
    6) Patrol routes

    Changes and bug fixes:
    Changed MoveAction to reset path after reaching target
    Changed BasicNavigator to repath on partial paths when reaching new NavMesh
    Changed BasicNavigator to use start and target positions instead of graph nodes for more accurate paths
    Fixed issue with NavMesh generation where some areas were improperly marking themselves walkable/unwalkable
    Fixed issue with BasicNavigator setting partial path flag
    Fixed color and visibility problem that would cause all selected rigs to get the same colors and visibility when selected
    Fixed Waypoint Node to accept navigationtarget(“XX”) as a valid path target
    Fixed framing problem with waypoints, navigation meshes, aspects, etc in the latest Unity
    Fixed selection problem with waypoints where off screen waypoints could block the selection of on screen ones
    Fixed selection problem with waypoints and navigation targets where significant height changes from zero would cause difficulty selecting them
    Added a Clear Navigation Graph button and function for people doing runtime generation
    Added always on option for visualizations
    Updated NavMesh visualizations to be GL fixed function (cleans up the code interface)
    Updated visualization for paths
    Updated the code interface for Navigation Graphs, Nodes, and Edges

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