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    Release notes RAIN 2.0.6 patch update:

    Important Alert: If you are trying to update RAIN and your build setting are set to Web Player, RAIN will not update. Set your build settings to any other platform to update RAIN then change your settings back.

    Added missing LineOfSight property accessors to Visual Sensor
    API changes to RAINNavigator to do a better job of checking OnGraph
    Changes to AI Memory to remove virtual generic methods that were causing issues on IOS
    Fixed BT Editor node dragging crash
    Fixed issues with Mecanim IK/Animation
    Added API methods to Motor for detecting whether you are at/facing a target.
    RAIN now compiles for Windows 8 Phone/App Store
    RAIN now runs correctly on iOS
    Fixed Mecanim animation states
    Fixed issues with Waypoint Graphs not working properly
    Fixed issues with Priority nodes not working correctly.

    To get the newest version go to the RAIN menu in your project and click “Check for Updates” then follow the directions.

    Let us know if you have any issues or questions!

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    Will this download just need time to propagate out? I am not seeing an update in the RAIN menu yet, and the download site still has 2.05. I am in the U.S. so maybe it just needs more time? Anyway great work, I look forward to testing more!



    It’s live now You will only get updates of RAIN through the RAIN menu when you “Check for Updates”. Unless you have automatic updates in which case a window will pop up letting you know an update is available.

    Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!



    The automatic update window may take a day or so to pop up. By default it only checks the server once every 24 hours. You can always check manually through the menu.



    Is it now possible to generate a NavMesh at runtime?



    It is possible in the same way it was possible in the initial release. However, we are still making some changes that will make it both easier and faster. Those will be in the next patch update, probably around the end of the month.

    See this post:

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    @prime Ok, thanks.



    Is it possible to get IsAtMoveTarget to work when using a waypoint route? I wasn’t able to. Here is a project to illustrate my problem:



    I’m getting an error when trying to do the update.

    “Error reading crossdomain policy: Expected element”



    @kzoink - what version of unity are you running?



    The latest-4.2.2f1.

    Also, after getting the error message, RAIN reports no updates are available on subsequent attempts to update manually.

    If you guys can provide a manual download/unitypackage for this release, that would be great.



    Unity4.3 has been released.
    Now I have updated Unity to 4.3 and the project has been using RAIN{indie}1.3.4. I want to update it to RAIN2.0.5 by the package “RAINIndie_1.3.4_to_RAIN_2.0.5” which you arranged, and then update it to RAIN 2.0.6.
    Does RAIN 2.0.5 or 2.0.6 works on Unity 4.3?



    We have not done thorough testing of RAIN with Unity 4.3. However, it is working in all of our test projects here.

    We are working on a 4.3 specific build of RAIN that takes advantage of some of the changes, including Mecanim changes. No release date yet, but we’ll get it out as soon as we can.


    Aaron Mueller

    I just updated to Unity 4.3 a short while ago. So far so good. My NPCs appear to behave just like prior to the update.
    Can you give us more specifics on what changes you are targeting? From what I recall having read, Mecanim support includes more Script access. Curious to what you mean by “takes advantage of some of the changes”. Cheers!



    We’re still researching the changes to Mecanim ourselves. However, we certainly want to take advantage of the ability to transition state machines and do things like crossfade from code. We also want to support triggers.

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