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    I would like to change that function. I get it to work like i want but i still need to call the base.GetNextPathWaypoint() :

    base.GetNextPathWaypoint (allow3DMovement, allowOffGraphMovement, cachedMoveLookTarget);
    return waypoint;

    the waypoint var is another that i set myself and the motor is following it. But i’d like to know what the GetNextPathWaypoint() do as i only need the motor to know the next waypoint. And if i comment the base call the motor does not move anymore.

    I mean i don’t use the path system here but i still want to use the motor and the moveTo action.

    Or is there a way to use the motor without the navigator ? In this case it’s because i want to defined my own path without the RAIN navmesh / waypoint system.

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    What you probably want to do is to create your own custom Navigator. If you do that, you can define your own path, return whatever values you want from GetNextPathWaypoint, etc.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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