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    The New RAIN Has Arrived

    …and it is awesome! The extensive list of new features and upgrades, makes this the largest update in Rival Theory’s history. Whoa! We cannot wait for you to get your hands on the new RAIN.

    Check out some of the new features we have added to RAIN.

    Beautifully Integrated UI
    Integrated Waypoint System
    Visual Behavior Tree Debugging
    Upgraded 3D Spacial Awareness
    Automatic Navigation Mesh Generation
    Modular Architecture for Extendable 3rd Party Assets
    Built in Support for Locomotion, Animation, and IK via Mecanim

    With downloads approaching 100,000 our community is bigger than ever. We created a brand new Community Portal that has everything you need all in one place. As requested, we added brand new support resources like integrated tooltips for every RAIN component, updated wiki documentation, new tutorials, Q & A forum, and dedicated email support. So you can learn RAIN the way that best suits you.

    There are two separate versions of RAIN to download. Please follow the instructions to make sure you get the version that’s right for your project- downloading the wrong package can severely affect your project.

    Thank you all so much for being a part of our community. We started developing AI tools for Unity over 3 years ago, and it’s because of you that we are still here today.

    Thanks from me, Jester, and from all of us at the Rival Theory Team.

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    Fantastic !!

    I can see you guys have done a ton of work, I congratulate you it looks fantastic.

    I am so pleased you have cleared out the forums the last thing you want is outdated help and advice confusing people.

    There is probably a lot more to do and I will help in anyway I can

    I’ve gone through my YouTube tutorials and edited the titles to say (OUTDATED Version)
    and their Descriptions to say at the top
    “This version of Rain is outdated please visit for more info”



    Thanks @nomax5. Glad to have you with us.



    Great news

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