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    I created a AI for a soldier in a level and created a prefab out of it with the AI rig.
    My game has multiple levels and with navmesh rigs.
    But when a Spawn my soldiers AI is not considering Navmesh and going through walls and props.

    So as per my understanding i have to register current namnesh to the AI but don’t know how?

    Alok Kumar



    Hey @alok,

    I posted an answer to this question in response to your similar post under “General Discussion”.

    Short answer is - you don’t have to register a navmesh to an AI, so something else must be going on. Check the more complete answer here:



    I ran the scene a 1000 times , but can’t get it work. I used a nav mesh and a plain capsule to move. I enabled the draw path , path is correct but while following it, capsule changes course and goes through a wall and create a new path.

    I got it working while typing this message.
    Thanks anyways . It was the issue with close enough value in mecanim motor.



    Did you have a very large value for the Close Enough Distance? I generally recommend using the default or some similar small value on the motor itself, then adjusting the value in your Move node.

    The Close Enough Distance on the Move node does NOT do the same thing as the one on the motor. The motor value affects all movement and is used to calculate distance to intermediate waypoints, etc. The value on the Move node is only used to judge a stopping distance for the destination. You would typically only modify the Motor Close Enough Distance if your world scale were different or if your AI movement was fairly imprecise.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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