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    Figured I should make a new post as this is a separate issue to last time and there isn’t much information in the wiki.

    My AI isn’t avoiding obstacles very well or sticking to the NavMesh boundaries, it’s just got a move action in the B.T. with nothing else yet.

    Video below shows what I mean better than I could describe.




    Hi RobEls,

    I’m having the same issue and am unable to solve it so far. I do see something interesting in your video. How did you go about setting up this sort of waypoint route (green line) following the target?

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    1) What version of RAIN? What type of RAINMotor?
    2) Do you have Valid Path Required set on the AI Motor?

    Can you send us that test project to look at?



    It’s an option on the A.I. Navigator tab called ‘Draw Paths’

    1) V and a BasicMotor.

    2) Yes Valid Path Required is set.

    Uploaded link below, only differences in this copy are that I removed the UFPS asset stuff and that I probably generated the NavMesh a bit different from the one in the video as I attempted making them with different parametres but it didn’t change anything for me. - Copy.7z

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    @RobEls thanks, I had not seen that option yet before hehe. Did you make any progress on this? I’m still trying to find a solution to this issue.

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