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    Hello , first off I would like to congratulate the RAIN team for making such a easy to understand and more acessible way off developping AI for Unity . Now I am still learning most of the basic and decide to try creating a simple waypoint route for the AI by following this tutorial .
    SO I followed it step by step and made the behaviour tree without too much problem but when it came to naming the name target variable on the waypointpatrol and linking it to the “move ” action by matching it the move variable .
    I noticed I was lacking a few options that were unavailable to me compared such as being able to specify it is a variable on the movetarget .
    I do apologize if I am wasting everyone time with such a stupid question .

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    That particular tutorial is a bit out dated, but it gets the idea down. We didn’t like the way we initially setup the waypoint patrol node in 2.0 so it got changed at some point after that.

    Here’s the general layout you would want to make a successful patrol. The values I’m filling out should correspond to the options you have in the behavior tree nodes.

    behavior tree root
       waypoint patrol (waypoint route: "Waypoint Route", move target variable: waypointTarget)
          move (move target: waypointTarget)

    So this would be just a waypoint patrol node, with a move node as its child. Let me know if you have questions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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