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    I’m working on a custom motor that is called from the behavior tree by a Move Action. Currently the motor uses


    but I would like to improve the motor’s accuracy with some data that can be found on the target. (for predicting motion)



    , and similar fields are always null.

    So, is there any way to get a direct reference to a MoveTarget object?

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    The MoveTarget is a MoveLookTarget under the hood. A MoveLookTarget can encapsulate a lot of different types of targets, including Aspect, Transform, NavigationTarget, Vector3, Kinematic, and Variable. You can tell which type your MoveLookTarget contains by checking its TargetType property. It’s possible that your MoveLookTarget is variable type, in which case VariableTarget contains the name of the variable that holds the actual target. You can use GetTargetFromVariable to get another MoveLookTarget that has a direct reference to the contents of your variable, or you can just use AI.Memory.GetItem() to grab the variable directly out of memory (assuming you know its type).



    The MoveLookTarget was coming from a Detect action followed by a Move action. There doesn’t seem to be a way to make them give a variable target.

    However, getting the target variable from memory by name should work. Thanks for the tip!

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