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    I am starting with rain, I plan to use it for an interactive pet experience :)

    I already followed / did some tutorials, and I am currently having problem with a timer, but that is not the point, I would like to understand the basics of behavior trees, i.e. at which frequency they are called, how / what is happening with repeated node, timers, etc… I think with a better understanding of the key principles I could start to help myself before to bother you :)

    So instead of jumping into interactive tutorials for complex behaviors I would like start with the theory: any good ressource ? I already read the wiki, node type descriptions, etc… but I am looking for something more… simple / basic / global ?




    RAIN uses its own flavor of behavior trees of course, but those articles describe the basic concepts. RAIN, for example, doesn’t use decorator nodes. You can create decorator nodes on your own if you need them, simple by creating custom Decision Nodes.

    What other people sometimes call “Composite” nodes we call Decision Nodes. What other people sometimes call “Leaf” nodes we call Action Nodes.

    RAIN also defines a number of built-in actions that are common for Unity games, including Detect, Move, Timer, etc. All nodes obey the general principles of Behavior Trees though, with the only return values being Success, Failure, or Running.

    Hope that helps with the basics.



    Thanks !

    Exactly what I was looking for :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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