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    Can I setup rain to avoid dynamic obstacles?

    I have a room with dynamic furniture in it that I would like my characters to avoid and I would like to know roughty the performance cost of doing this because there will be quite a few characters wandering around.

    Is there something like this:

    Second I have a one-way door that characters enter through. How can I ensure that if the character stop moving for a few seconds it will find another path or choose a new location. I have come across several situations where a character will try to reach a nav point but not quite be able to get there and so just stops pressed up against an object.



    Thanks for the link. We don’t currently do dynamic real time updates to the navmesh. We have had versions similar to what’s described in the link running in our code, but have not yet achieved acceptable performance in real running systems (dozens of objects impacting overlapping meshes while dozens of AI move and pathfind across the changing graph).

    Generally characters should be able to reach all destinations on the navigation graph. If your character can’t reach a location, that indicates a problematic graph (possibly generated with a too small walkable radius). You can partially make up for this by setting the AI close enough distance to a higher value.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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