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“[Squad Command] is really good fun, and just what I’m looking for. You stumble across a lot of NPC battles in my game. Robotic enemies being trained to fight us humans back on earth is part of my storyline.”

– Craig Warner 530 Friday Studios

Start creating gameplay in seconds with 4 drag-and-drop AI soldier classes and 4 fully rigged scenes.

Quickly create your own battles and team fights. Drag and drop additional soldiers to form up enemy armies or allied squadrons.

Intelligent AI enemies work as a team using tactics and communication to take you down.

Players can issue commands to their AI-controlled squad members for advanced and dynamic team fights.

Take an active role in commanding your squad or sit back and watch the AI armies battle to the death.

Squad Command: Advanced Warfighter AI package includes:

6 Reusable Components with Scripts
— Aim and Fire
— Health management
— AI to AI communication
— Tactical positions for cover and threat
— Formation management
— Team management

Formation Options
— Squad
— Column
— Wedge
— Circle
— Attack

Sub-formations for 4-man Squadrons Include
— Wedge
— Column
— Skirmisher
— Echelon

AI Classes
— Soldier
— Commander
— Sniper
— Player squad member

AI Commands
— Attack
— Find Cover
— Hold Position
— Flank
— Cover Me

4 Rigged Scenes
— Standard fighting and patrol
— Snipers
— Endless enemy spawns
— Big Team Battle

Modify, and reuse every aspect of this project. - including the rigging, code, and behavior.

Powered by Rival Theory’s free, RAIN AI engine.

Art, animations and models used from the Unity Bootcamp sample project.