The Most Powerful AI Engine on Unity

Introducing RAIN{indie}, a free, ultrafast tool for adding AI character behavior to your Unity project.


RAIN{indie} incorporates the most popular features requested by the Unity community, adds new capabilities, and provides a streamlined process for setting up and working with AI. RAIN{indie} was pre-released to our registered users, already downloaded by hundreds of studios, and is now available on the Unity Asset Store.

Some of the features of RAIN{indie} include:
  • Unity 4, and 3.5 compatibility
  • Support for simple rigging of AI with Behavior Trees, Pathfinding, Movement, and Sensors
  • Use out-of-the-box actions (movement, sensing, animation, and audio) or create your own Custom Actions
  • A Recast-based generator for creating navigation graphs automatically from level geometry
  • Navigation-grid pathfinding and pathfollowing
  • Box and sphere sensors, plus capabilities for tagging detectable objects in your scene
  • Documentation, forums, wiki, and sample projects available at

RAIN{indie} can be downloaded in the ground-breaking mod tool FPS Control from the Tornado Twins, directly from Rival Theory, and on the Unity Asset Store.

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-Rival Theory
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