Feature Set

  • Increased development speed
  • No recurring license fees
  • Limitless title and platform publishing
  • All technology upgrades and updates
  • Cross-platform compatibility: RAIN{one} is supported on both Unity Free and Unity Pro versions and can be used to build games for PC, Mac, iOS, Web, Android, Xbox, PS3, and Wii.
  • Access to step-by-step tutorials
  • Full access to a moderated support forum
  • Code samples and API documentation
  • Access to full QuickStart and Advanced User documentation
  • Release Notes

Purchasing RAIN{one}

RAIN{one} is available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store.

From within Unity open the Asset Store located in the Window menu. From within the Asset Store search for and click on RAIN{one}. Click the “Buy” button. RAIN{one} will download after check out. When it had downloaded successfully the “Buy” button will change to read “Import”. Click the “Import” button to install RAIN{one}.

Confirming Installation To check that RAIN{one} has installed correctly, click on the menu in Unity and locate the RAIN menu.

You can also check the version of RAIN{one} by going to the RAIN menu–>Help–>About.

What's New in RAIN{one} Version 1.2

Patch Notes: v1.2

Patch Notes:

  • There have been a number of significant changes and upgrades to 1.2.0 from the prior 1.1.4 build. Please note that if you run into any trouble upgrading a prior RAIN project, you may be able to fix any problems by going to the RAIN→Help menu and choosing the “Rebind RAIN Components” option. We advise you to make a copy of your project before upgrading.
  • Added support for using custom waypoint graphs
  • PathManager is now an abstract class
  • RAINPathManager replaces PathManager in most cases (Use the “Rebind RAIN Components” option to convert old PathManager components into RAINPathManagers. This may not copy all values.)
  • CustomPathManager supports creating custom path movement
  • Added support for script rebinding when updating RAIN
  • Added new Behavior Tree nodes:
  • Timer node sets a delay, returns SUCCESS after
  • Random node chooses a single child node at random to execute
  • Yield node pauses the behavior tree at the yield point for a single frame
  • Reorganized Behavior Tree menus
  • Removed the “Generate Default Behavior Tree XML” button from the BehaviorTreeMind component. Behavior trees can still be created in the Behavior Tree Editor.
  • Move primitive now supports animation layers
  • Move primitives now have a field for selecting the animation wrap mode.
  • Detect primitive now returns failure when nothing is detected, instead of running. (To achieve the previous behavior, set repeat to RepeatUntilSuccess.)
  • Animation primitive now supports layers
  • Animation primitives now always stop when the node exits
  • Setting animation wait time ⇐ 0 will allow it to run indefinitely (To achieve the previous behavior of looping animation during execution of other nodes, place the animation primitive in a parallel with other nodes.)
  • Animations now support fading
  • Fixed misc. minor Recast bugs
  • Fixed issues calculating path neighbors on some navigation graphs
  • You may now add a GraphModifier component to dynamic objects that impact the navigation grid. Especially useful for turn-based games.

Previous Patch Notes

For Path Notes of earlier versions please click this link http://support.rivaltheory.com/documentation/release-notes

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