Getting Started

This guide gives an overview of the steps involved in making use of RAIN{one}.

Including RAIN{one} in a Unity project adds the RAIN menu to Unity's menu bar. It includes options for adding RAIN{one}'s components to GameObjects in the scene and other helpful tools for dealing with RAIN{one}. Those components can then be configured by selecting them and editing their settings in the Inspector pane.

GameObjects can be turned into AI (explained below) and gain the abilities to move, sense, and behave. These abilities are realized by three separate components: the path manager for movement, the sensors for sensing, and the mind for behavior. At a logical level, AI are composed of two parts: a body or avatar, and a mind. The avatar and mind are coordinated by the RAINAgent component. All of these components are automatically created through the Create AI option in the RAIN{one} menu.

Creating AI

Setting up Movement and Pathfinding

Creating Behavior

Setting up Sensors and Aspects

Advanced Topics

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