Spirited Away — The Boiler Room

Studio: Fire Panda

The Boiler Room is a classic scene from the animated movie Spirited Away. It’s made in Unity for the Oculus Rift. Check the video for a complete walkthough or download the Spirited Away Boiler Room Demo here.

Available Linux, Windows, and OSX.

Boiler Room and RAIN

RAIN was used to drive Mecanim animation and pathfinding for the coal sprites (or soot sprites, if you prefer).

“I use Rain wherever I need path finding or movement based AI. It works great with Mecanim in Unity and is quite capable and flexible. For the Spirited Away Boiler Room demo I used it to create the Coal Sprite animations, allowing them to automatically trigger to the correct animations in the correct places.” — Nick Pittom, Founder Fire Panda


About Fire Panda

Fire Panda Studio: Fire Panda LTD - Started earlier this year to continue his video-related work, but has since expanded into interactive, and VR. He’s made two Studio Ghibli inspired VR demos so far- one based on Spirited Away and the other on My Neighbour Totoro. With this experience Fire Panda is looking to tackle and Kickstart larger projects But they’re also being made to show I can tackle larger projects in the run up to a Kickstarter. The art style of the demos attempt to take a 2D animated film and create a 3D VR world - which is great for performance of the demos (Frame rate being king), but also looks cool.

About Studio Showcase

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