Sentio seamlessly delivers memorable, personalized entertainment.

With Sentio, physical media no longer has to be a stand-alone product, disconnected from the digital experience. Sentio’s AI characters can exist in nearly anything you see and touch.


Sentio breathes life into toys by breaking down the barrier between the virtual and physical world. With Sentio, any character can move out of a digital experience, game, or app, and into a physical toy. Imagine your favorite fictional character coming to life within a robot, animated action figure, or even as a cute plush animal. The possibilities are limitless.


Sentio characters can act as digital actors in film production, with endless possibilities in pre and post production, and even capabilities for live action scenes. Characters can be directed for specific roles or used as extras. AI-driven actors can even be reused in interactive film experiences and in related games and toys.

Print Media

Sentio characters can be used in Augmented Reality applications that enhance print material for a customer’s favorite brand, and extend the experience to their tablet or phone.


Sentio creates unique engagement opportunities for attracting customers and generating interest prior to an important event like a game launch or movie release.