Rival{Theory} Roadmap

Hello Community. I wanted to get in touch with you to give you an update on our progress and the future plans of Rival{Theory}. Here I have included a list of some of the things you can expect from us. There are more details on each number below.

Short and Sweet Version:

1. We are making a version of RAIN{one} available for free exclusively through FPS Control, the newest project from our partners the Tornado Twins (http://www.fpscontrol.com/).

More on #1

2.  We are also working on a publicly available version of RAIN{one} that’s free for Indie developers. This version will also support Unity 4.

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3. Our new product RAIN 2.0 (separate from RAIN{one}) will be available for commercial license for Unity 4.0. This solution is designed for AAA studios, government, and film productions. Please contact jester@rivaltheory.com for more information.

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4. For those of you wondering about Legion, our cloud-based AI  technology, it’s been assimilated into an even larger effort destined to change the way sentient programs work, live, and play in your world. It’s going to be awesome- but only if you choose the side of the machines… :)

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If you have any questions or comments about our future plans (and how you could be a part of it) you can email me directly jester@rivaltheory.com or create a forum post to start a conversation with other users http://support.rivaltheory.com/forums#/discussions.

More Information

1. Free version of RAIN{one} inside Tornado Twin’s FPS Control Mod Tool

Tornado Twins- the most subscribed Unity Game Developers on YouTube- are releasing a First Person Shooter mod tool for Unity 3D called “FPS Control”; Rival{Theory} will include a license to a full, free copy of the AI system RAIN{one}* for use within FPS Control http://www.fpscontrol.com/


The software is called “FPS Control”, which includes:

- An FPS Codebase, built on Unity technology

- A tool to completely customize A.I., called RAIN{one} by RivalTheory

- A 3d-art grid system with included art library

- Pre-built prefabs and editor tools that generate code & gameplay for you


With this new technology, users can rapidly create levels, gameplay, and artificial intelligence without touching a single line of code. This allows the users to focus more on creating a gaming experience than jumping through code hoops or becoming an expert in AI. Sign up here to be included in the open beta.

*An exclusive, free, full version of RAIN{one} v1.2 is included, so try it out by downloading FPS Control. The free version of RAIN{one} for FPS Control is supported through the FPS Control community and can’t be used outside of FPS Control. Versions of RAIN{one} that can be used outside of FPS Control are still available, with direct Rival Theory support, on the Unity Asset Store (http://u3d.as/content/rival-theory-/rain-one-/22D).

2. We are also working on a publicly available version of RAIN{one} that’s free for Indie developers

Indie Developers (as defined by Unity’s licensing terms) will have access to a completely free version of RAIN{one} 1.x. (compatible with Unity 4) It will be the latest version of the powerful AI package we’ve been delivering for the past year.  

For larger studios, professionals, government, and commercial users, we’ll have a new advanced AI engine available for you called RAIN 2.0. For more information contact jester@rivaltheory.com

3. RAIN 2.0 will be available for commercial license for Unity 4.0

We’ve been developing a new advanced version of RAIN specifically designed for larger studios and professional developers. RAIN 2.0, built for Unity 4.0, includes more sophisticated movement, pathfinding, and locomotion options, as well as new animation support (including support for Mecanim). We’ve also upgraded our AI logic system while optimizing the system for improved speed and memory use, making RAIN 2.0 the most advanced AI system available for Unity. Please contact jester@rivaltheory.com for more info. 

4. For those of you wondering about Legion

For those of you that have been following our progress on Legion, we have an announcement. We have been in closed beta over the last few months and we have received valuable feedback from our partners and the community.  The Legion beta has been so successful, we want to send a big thank you to everyone that participated. Our takeaway from the beta has been inspiration - a reminder to go big. Far too often organizations expedite the production process, inevitably delivering a product that falls short of both internal and external expectations. Our vision is to change what machines can be, not just to incrementally improve middleware.  At Rival Theory, we want to revolutionize the way people interact with AI and to push technology to the limits and create capabilities that have never before existed. Legion is an important part of our vision, but it is just the beginning; a first step toward a loftier goal.

We have not given up on Legion, I assure you, we are taking the necessary steps to deliver the right product to our customers. To that end, Legion has been removed from FPSControl and replaced with a full, free version of RAIN{one}. Check out all the support here. (http://support.rivaltheory.com/).

Make sure to check back from time to time so we can update you on the project Legion has become a part of.


The Rival{Theory} Team

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