Game Developers Conference 2013

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This week we will be in San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference, and there are so many great things happening that we don’t know what to do with ourselves! We have meetings scheduled, private demos, talks to attend, sneakpeeks, and after-after parties to go to. One of the pieces we’re excited about it the Ouya unveiling party on Friday March 29th. We supported Ouya’s Kickstarter project a while back and while we already received our dev console, we are excited for the full launch where Ouya will showcase to the world the future in console gaming.

We have attended and exhibited at GDC for the past few years and it just keeps getting better. This year’s GDC is packed full of hot topics like Unity Technologies and its new alliance with Sony, Oculus VR, cloud cross platform, and industry supergiants facing off on stage to see who’s idea will lead the next billion-dollar boom. We would love to meet up with our community during the conference. If you’d like to hang out, please contact, tweet us @rivaltheory, or post on our wall.

We hope to see you guys there!

-Rival Theory
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