RAIN{one} v1.1 Release

Hello RAIN{one} community,
We are proud to announce the release of RAIN{one} v1.1. We wanted to let our users know that, thanks to all your help, RAIN{one} the #1 AI solution on Unity3D! We appreciate all of you for making that happen and giving your valuable feedback.

Outlined below is a sample of the exciting features; just to give you a preview, 6 out of the 9 updated sections in RAIN{one} v1.1 are showcased ( the “+ more” means the number of features added but not listed in this post, please see the full feature list here)


-AI can now use a waypoint collection directly without requiring a saved file.

+3 more


-Navigation can be set to use either a Navigation Grid File, Waypoint File, or Waypoint Collection.

+5 more

Recast and Navigation Grids:

-New visualization options show a tile-based representation of the recast, either showing spans or individual regions. This also includes neighbor arrow markers.

+4 more


- Added AIAnimationController and AIAnimationExtender for general purpose extensibility of animations.

+1 more


-Now contains checkboxes for AutoLook, AutoMove. When combined with PathManager’s MoveTarget and LookTarget this provides automatic movement behavior.


-Sensors now support Raycasting to avoid “seeing through walls”. Raycasts can be visualized in the Editor.

+1 more

Please see the expanded, full feature, list here

Contact us if you have any questions media@rivaltheory.com.
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