Free RAIN{one} in FPS Control

The Largest Open Unity Project Now Available


Our partners Tornado Twins- the most subscribed Unity Game Developers on YouTube– released a First Person Shooter mod tool for Unity called “FPS Control”; Rival Theory is including a license to a full, free copy of the AI system RAIN{one}*. FPS Control is a massive Unity plugin, enabling you to quickly prototype and build state-of-the-art first person shooters. The BETA is completely free.

“Do only what you like to do and still create a competitive, original game”. -Efraim (Tornado Twin)

Here is what’s included:

  • An FPS Codebase, built on Unity technology.
  • A tool to completely customize A.I., called RAIN{one} by RivalTheory.
  • A 3d-art grid system with art library included.
  • Pre-built prefabs and editor tools that generate code & gameplay for you.


    With this new technology, users can rapidly create levels, gameplay, and artificial intelligence without touching a single line of code. This allows the users to focus more on creating a gaming experience than jumping through code hoops or becoming an expert in AI. New tutorials will be available weekly.

    *An exclusive, free, full version of RAIN{one} is included, so try it out by downloading FPS Control. The free version of RAIN{one} for FPS Control is supported through the FPS Control community and can’t be used outside of FPS Control. Versions of RAIN{one} that can be used outside of FPS Control are still available, with direct Rival Theory support, on the Unity Asset Store (

    Email any questions to

    Go forth and make some games already!!

    *Update: A copy of RAIN{indie} not RAIN{one} is included in FPS Control

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