RAIN{indie}: Three weeks and 3000 downloads

AI for all.


Since its January 21st launch on the Unity 3D platform, RAIN{indie} AI engine has been downloaded over 3000 times.  
“It took off fast,” said Amanda Solosky Co-founder of Rival Theory, “once developers realized RAIN{indie} wasn’t your typical, stripped down, ‘free’ version of something else on the Asset Store, and was truly a complete AI engine, the downloads skyrocketed.”
RAIN{indie} is an evolution of the previous #1 AI engine on Unity, RAIN{one}, but with streamlined features and upgrades to enable AI to be created faster. RAIN{indie}’s success spiked when RAIN{indie} started trending on blogs, Twitter, YouTube, and LearnUnity3D.com. RAIN{indie} also found itself on the front page of the subReddit /r/Unity3D- three times. The RAIN{indie} community has already generated hours worth of tutorials, docs, samples, and game footage.

Here’s what some of our community members had to say about the RAIN{indie} release:
“RAIN{indie} was built by our friends at RivalTheory, the rocket scientists of the games industry.” — Tornado Twins
“Seriously? Free? I seriously need to try this now.” — SevenBits Unity Forums
“When I saw rain, with both behavior trees and recast pathfinding built in, it seemed like a dream come true.” — Peter of One2Punch
Amanda goes on to say, “The step we took to make our engine free was obvious. A quality, complete, AI engine should be a resource available to everyone. It’s fantastic to be a part of so many amazing games and projects with an amazing community of developers.”
RAIN{indie} continues to have an impact on Unity 3D developers as more and more big and small studios show off the ways RAIN{indie} is integrated into their projects. We even set up a place on our forums where the community can go to share tutorials and other resources with one another.

RAIN{indie} is available today, for free, directly from Rival Theory, in the mod tool FPS Control from the Tornado Twins, or on the Unity Asset Store. We just released v1.3.3.

Thanks for making RAIN{indie} the #1 AI engine on Unity. More information on RAIN{indie} here.

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