Studio: Broken Window Studios

Grave is an open-world, surrealist survival horror experience. The layout of Grave’s environment shifts with each passing night, making navigation less about checking off rooms on a map and more about exploring and staying prepared for the world’s threats. Instead of guns or knives, your weapons are entirely light-based. Many of the creatures in Grave react to light in unique and interesting ways depending on the player’s style. Whether you’re tossing a flashbang or igniting a puddle of gasoline, Grave presents many options for dealing with encounters.
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RAIN’s felxiable behavior tree, pathfinding, animation, and sensor/aspect systems were used to create terrifying characters that adapt to individual playing styles and various items in GRAVE.

“In Grave, we’re experimenting with a lot of complex ways to make creatures interact with the player and the world around them. Every enemy has a different set of interactions that would be extremely hard to do in a typical system. With RAIN, we can write a few simple lines of code for our specific interactions and let RAIN’s behavior trees do the rest of the work. Senses make it easy for creatures to observe and react to objects and weapons differently. As a small indie team, we simply would not be able to produce the game without having RAIN as a tool. Every engine should have a tool like RAIN.

-Tristan Parrish Moore Game Developer for Broken Window Studios.


About the Studio

Harebrained Schemes Logo Broken Window Studios is a new indie studio currently working on Grave for PC, Mac, Linux and Xbox One. Our mission is to create high-quality interactive entertainment that stretches the boundaries of game experiences. Our team has years of experience developing high end game content and has recently made the decision to push into the realm of independent development.

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