Sentio Characters are here!

Sentio™ Characters are pre-built characters that automatically behave, move, and react when dropped into a game world.

We are excited to introduce Darkness Warlord, the first Sentio Character. An angry and aggressive behemoth, Darkness Warlord patrols his base and attacks creatures or players that come near him- Check him out on the Asset Store.

“Just import, drag n drop and you’re done, can’t get any easier. ”

– Review of Darkness Warlord from Asset Store

“…what has turned the tide for me in a major way is the coming of Sentio characters. Suddenly, the scope of what RAIN will mean for me has outpaced any of the other (several) behavioral assets I own. ”

– Review of RAIN from Asset Store

Complete fully-rigged models with animation, sound effects, and AI-driven movement and behavior- Sentio Characters are the easiest and most powerful way to populate any gameworld.

What we have done with Sentio Charaters is already pretty awesome, and we are going to make them even more amazing.

Our Sentio Cloud enables Sentio Characters to gain advanced features like memory, learning and adaptation based on past experiences. We know, it’s freaking awesome, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We have a lot of feature upgrades, new Sentio Characters, and additional benefits coming your way, So sign up today for our Sentio Cloud beta!

You can learn more about Sentio, the characters, or the cloud here.
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