Media Kit

Game Developers and Studios:

Welcome to the community and thank you for using our technology. If you have an upcoming game using Rival Theory technology, let us know! We can help promote your game and product.

Press and Media:

Thank you for your interest in Rival Theory. For inquiries, walk throughs of the technology, and exclusive sneak peeks, please contact

User Guidelines for posting Rival Theory Logos

Review and understand the Rival Theory Terms of Use. A definition of Rival Theory Marks can be found in section 4.

What you can do:

1. You may use the Rival Theory Logos on the splash screen of your game, digital media and content;

2. You may use the Rival Theory Logos on product packaging;

3. You may use the Rival Theory Logos on electronic and printed promotional posters and banners you prepare related your game, product and media;

4. You may contact Rival Theory to inquire about custom splash screens and logos;

We reserve the right to request removal of any Logos and Marks as we see fit.

What you cannot do:

1. You may not alter, cut apart or change the color, configuration or proportion of, or otherwise distort, the Marks or the Logo in perspective or appearance;

2. You may not combine the Marks or the Logo with, or incorporate them into, other words, phrases or designs except as provided by Rival Theory;

3. The Marks and the Logo may not be combined with, used within or in conjunction with a composite mark of other words or designs without authorization from Rival Theory;

4. You may not use the Marks, Logo or any Rival Theory trademarks, service marks or certification marks in a manner that would disparage or tarnish Rival Theory or its Marks;

5. You may not translate the words in the Logo into other languages, even if you are using the Logo in countries outside of the United States. Contact Rival Theory about Language-specific Logos and;

6. The Marks and the Logo may not be used on any promotional items, such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. without written permission from Rival Theory.

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