Intelligent Animations for Unity3D

Introducing the “intelligent” way to animate in Unity3D. Rival{Theory} and Mixamo have teamed up to combine the strength of the Unity Asset Store’s #1 AI solution with the power of Unity’s #1 Animation provider. The integration of Mixamo’s new Animation State Machine with RAIN{one} AI means that most Mixamo animations can be driven by AI behavior without the need for code. Artists can now add AI movement and decision making to their Mixamo animated characters without learning to program, while developers and programmers can seamlessly and easily integrate fully rigged animations without writing tedious state machines.

This new integration will sent to the Unity Asset Store on Thursday September 29th (so available for download a day or so after)

Rival{Theory} and Mixamo will be showcasing this integration at a live demo on stage at the Unite11 conference at the Masonic Center in San Francisco. The live demo starts Friday September 30th at 10am. If your games use characters, animation, and need AI you don’t want to miss this presentation!

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