Game Developer Magazine Reviews RAIN{indie}

RAIN{indie} helps the greatest ideas come to life faster and easier than ever.


The leading industry publication, Game Developer Magazine, is featuring a stellar three-page review of RAIN{indie} in this month’s issue. Over 35,000 developers, industry leaders, hobbyists, and experts will get an in-depth look at our comprehensive artificial intelligence engine. Writer, and AI expert, Dave Mark offers a critical eye on RAIN{indie}’s integrated pathfinding, sensor, aspect, and behavior tree systems.

After William Klein, CEO of Rival Theory, walked Mark through many of the features, Mark said:

“I actually felt a little guilty for taking up his time- once I found out how simple many of the processes were, I realized I probably could have done it myself in short order.” — Dave Mark’s review on RAIN{indie}

On RAIN{indie}’s usability
“Rival Theory seems to have accomplished what it set out to do, however; Making creating AI for Unity characters simple yet powerful.” — Dave Mark’s review on RAIN{indie}

RAIN{indie} is available today, for free, directly from Rival Theory (newest version), in the mod tool FPS Control from the Tornado Twins, or on the Unity Asset Store (newest version).

Big thanks to our community, without your support we wouldn’t be where we are today.

-Rival Theory

About Dave Mark:

Dave Mark is the president and lead designer of Intrinsic Algorithm LLC, an independent game development studio and AI consulting company in Omaha, Nebraska. He is the author of “Behavioral Mathematics for Game AI” and is a contributor to the AI Game Programming Wisdom series of books, a semi-regular columnist at AIGameDev, a founding member of the AI Game Programmers Guild, and is a co-organizer and co-host of the AI Summit at GDC.

About Game Developer Magazine:

Game Developer magazine is the premier publication for working (and aspiring) video game creators, and reaches over 35,000 industry professionals monthly. Each month, industry leaders and experts share technical solutions, review new game development tools, and discuss strategies for creating innovative, successful video games. Monthly postmortems dissect the industry’s leading games, from AAA console to social and mobile games and beyond, and columns give insight into deeper development practices from across all disciplines, from design, to programming, to art, to business, and audio.
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