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    RAIN version Release Notes

    What’s New:
    We’ve added support for our new line of Sentio(tm) Characters.
    Sentio Characters are pre-rigged, completely ready to go characters that you can drag and drop into your game for instant functionality. Look for Sentio Characters coming to the Unity Asset Store very soon, and check our website and social media to stay up to date.

    Changes and bug fixes:
    RAIN menus have been reorganized for simplicity and for support of Sentio Characters.
    AI now shows the Mind in the first tab position in the inspector.
    Fix for BasicNavigator choosing the wrong path waypoint when smoothing paths, which caused AI to skip ahead.
    Fix to path smoothing in general, wasn’t working properly when the smoothing changed significantly.
    Fix for terrain collider collector not accounting for height properly on the terrain.
    Added a TransformNavMesh call to move the entire navigation mesh and recalculate bounds appropriately.
    Added RecalculateBounds call to NavMeshPoly in the event that the underlying graph vertices have changed.
    Added a few more functions to the NavMeshPathGraph for adding contours and vertices manually.
    Added public setter for AIRig.AI property.
    Added more support for custom AI editors.
    Added support for sliders in the RAIN editor.
    Revamped the Sensor system:
    -Sensors can return Any, All, Best matches. For built-in sensors, “Best” means nearest object.
    -Sensors can be consistent and keep the same object when returning only one object. When the “Consistent” box is checked in the Detect node, the sensor will continue returning the same object until it goes out of range. If the box is not checked, the matched object may change based on “Best”/nearest or randomly for “Any”.
    -Sensors have an updated code API. The previous API has been deprecated but will be supported up to RAIN 2.2.
    -Sensors no longer support filters (deprecated).
    -Added PhysicalSensor as the base class for most sensors.
    Added list accessors to objects managed by NavigationManager (Waypoints, NavigationTargets, Graphs)
    Fixed undo when creating AI for the first time.
    Added creation helper to RAINScriptableObject (API).
    Added creation helpers to WaypointRig (API).
    Switched metrics ping to 12 hours.



    Hi, Jester!
    RAIN in all is exellent! Really exellent.
    But what the catastrofical update? You change class hierarchy between ver. 2.1.7 and 2.1.8! Between 2.99 and 3.0 - I’ll understand. But in subversion… RAINAspect descendants dissapear from project, timeline is broken, hungry children are crying.
    You as public code developer must in first hand remember this commandment:


    It should also be noted that the movement of the characters definitely become better!



    Hi @Alex3D -

    The only changes we made to RAIN should have supported backward compatibility. Most of our changes were in Sensors, and we left the deprecated interface in place (i.e., older code would still be supported.) There were a couple of new methods you need to implement if you are using custom sensors, but otherwise everything remained intact.

    We didn’t make any changes to RAINAspects. What sort of issues are you seeing?



    Sorry, RAINSensor descendant dissapears (TacticalSensor). What kind of non-phisical sensors did you want to add? Telepatical?

    I think that the discussion about this update made everyone already tired. Just would like to see in the future you avoid such drastic alterations of external signatures.



    Thanks for the comment about altering class signatures. We do try to be careful about it, and provide easy update/upgrade paths whenever we can. Please note that our product development philosophy involves frequent incremental upgrades.

    RAINSensor is still the root base class for all Sensors. We did add the PhysicalSensor class in between, as you noted. The purpose of the PhysicalSensor class is to provide a basis for all sensors that use Range and Visibility for detection, and to make creating custom sensors far easier. For example, this is the new TacticalSensor code:

    using RAIN.Core;
    using RAIN.Perception.Sensors;
    using RAIN.Entities.Aspects;
    using RAIN.Serialization;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using UnityEngine;
    /// <summary>
    /// A special tactical sensor for detecting tactical aspects.  Note that since this sensor does not derive from
    /// Visual Sensor, we won't see a visualization in the RAIN Editor
    /// </summary>
    [RAINSerializableClass, RAINElement("Tactical Sensor")]
    public class TacticalSensor : PhysicalSensor
        public override string SensedAspectType
            get { return TacticalAspect.cnstAspectType; }
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