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    RAIN version Release Notes

    6 amazing reasons to use RAIN:
    1) Full stack for character creation
    2) Frequent new samples and tutorials (
    3) Timely updates and patches
    4) Sensors
    5) Off mesh pathfinding
    6) Behavior trees

    Changes and bug fixes:
    Changed default for Allow Off Graph Movement to true
    Changed Move node to correctly override default distance/angle
    Fix for one or both targets being off graph resetting the path finder.
    Fixed an issue with pathfinding not fully repathing.
    Fixed an issue with visualizations and deferred rendering.
    Added support for Unity 5 and added a check for the current Unity version.
    Added checks for null BTBinding list when loading/changing behavior trees.
    Added support for rebinding and reloading bindings at runtime.
    Added a new welcome window for fast access to relevant resources. This only appears once but is always available from the help menu.
    Added RAINProjectState for values that change frequently that may need to be excluded from code repos.

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