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    RAIN version 2.1.4 Release Notes

    8 great reasons to use RAIN:
    1) Multiple navmeshes in a scene
    2) Off mesh pathfinding
    3) Extensible Behavior trees with tons of features
    4) Sensors
    5) Mecanim Support
    6) Completely customizable solution
    7) Amazing support from Rival Theory
    The only fully integrated, all-in-one solution for building amazing AI on Unity

    1) Sensor performance has been improved
    2) Expression evaluation has been improved in Behavior Trees
    3) Performance improvements in NavMesh generation
    4) Upgraded NavMesh visualization for smoother polys.
    5) The Detect behavior tree action now uses all sensors that match the sensor name (was using just the first match)
    6) Added Remove and Clear methods for forwarded parameters in the MecanimMotor.
    7) AI initialization is now three step: AIInit() followed by BodyInit(), allowing body to be assigned at runtime. Start() to match Unity Start and ensure Awake has been called on all components.

    New Features:
    1) You may now create Custom Decisions in the Behavior Tree (these are custom containers rather than simple actions)
    2) AI now pathfind to objects off the NavMesh. If Allow Off Graph Movement is on in the Motor, the AI can leave the NavMesh to reach targets. AI can also pathfind when they are off the mesh themselves.

    Bug Fixes:
    1) Fixed a bug where NavMesh polys would not generate properly in some rare cases
    2) Fixed issues with prefabs breaking
    3) Fixed sensors not properly calculating their bounds
    4) Fixed GetPathTo so it doesn’t interfere with ongoing multi-frame pathfinding on the AI

    The RAIN Autoupdater has been removed. RAIN now does a better job of auto-upgrading projects. Please check the Unity Asset Store or the Rival Theory website to find the latest version.



    One more change that was missed in the release notes:

    - The Move node in the behavior tree has changed. It now returns SUCCESS when the AI reaches its destination, RUNNING while the AI is moving toward the target, and FAILURE if the AI reaches the end of its calculated path without actually reaching its destination.

    The FAILURE case can happen if the AI is pathfinding to an off-mesh target, but is not allowed to leave the mesh. Note that prior to this change, the Move node did not have a FAILURE case and would only return SUCCESS or RUNNING.



    Great Work!
    I have a question about upgrading RAIN. It’s about the aiRig Component. Both times I’ve updated RAIN, the aiRig component of my “enemy” got bugged, and I had to create and configure the AI again. What’s the right way to upgrade RAIN without having this issue?

    The process I did for the update was just upgrade RAIN through the RAIN menu (I got a notification of the update). I accepted, installed and solved the compile errors. Until the last compile error my aiRig component was fine (I could see the RAIN interface in the Editor), but after solving the last one the component got bugged: It just showed the name (“AIRig (Script)”) but nothing more. I tried to restart Unity but the problem remained the same. Furthermore, after solving the last compile error I got these new errors/warnings:


    My AI works fine now, but could you please explain how to upgrade without creating the AI from scratch again (except the behaviour trees)??

    Thanks, and remain awesome!



    Hmm. This was upgrading from 2.1.3 to 2.1.4? Are you making heavy use of prefabs?



    Of note, we did make a change in 2.1.4 so that RAIN and prefabs work much better together.



    Yes, the upgrade was from 2.1.3 to 2.1.4.
    Heavy use of prefabs… Well, I don’t know how much heavy it can be, but in my case the “enemy” is a prefab, and uses 2 prefabs as children: a flashlight and the enemy mesh. The second one has nothing to do with the AI, though. The flashlight state is modified by the AI… I don’t know if I’m answering your question



    A question about mailing. Why not send notifications on email about minor releases? Eg 2.1.4 or 2.1.5.

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