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    RAIN Patch 2.0.8 Release Notes

    To grab the latest version of RAIN please click “Check for Updates” in your RAIN menu.


    - Fixed issues with Behavior Tree Random Node weights.
    - Changed the path target in the Waypoint Path node to be an Expression.
    - Fixed issues with pathfinding and close enough distances.
    - Fixed issues with IsAt() call in RAINMotor.
    - General movement and pathfinding fixes.

    Any questions or comments? Feel free to contact us RivalTheory[dot]com/contact/


    Aaron Mueller

    What’s the latest on getting this back into the Unity Asset Store?

    Also, is it possible for you guys to update the Downloads page? I think that the packages available from there are the 2.0.5 package and the Indie_to_RAIN_2.0.5 update package.




    It is unclear whether we will have RAIN in the Asset Store. Unity doesn’t allow 3rd parties (companies like Rival Theory) to deal directly with customers in any capacity (except possibly tech support). That means they don’t like the fact that RAIN updates itself, and that users don’t have to rely on the Asset Store to get their updates. Generally, they don’t like any model in which a Unity customer (someone who uses the Asset store) could become a direct customer of a 3rd party (i.e., they don’t won’t to be cut out of the $$$ food chain).

    Rival Theory prefers a model in which we have a direct line of communication and product distribution with our customers. Also, we don’t have a way of distributing RAIN through the Asset Store in a manner that would not damage user projects when upgrading RAIN. Unity doesn’t offer any sort of update system to Asset Store distributors, and really doesn’t work well with companies that supply their products as Dlls instead of scripts.

    We are still negotiating with Unity to provide for a special exception to their rule, under the premise that RAIN is free and so there isn’t any sale they are being cut out of. We’ll see…



    EDIT: Nevermind….I’m stupid

    Thank you guys for the update =)

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    Aaron Mueller

    Thanks. I only asked because at one point (recently) I was under the impression that RAIN was going to be available on the Asset Store again, so it was unclear about the “Update” menu option.

    Now, it seems that something has changed. I understand your comments and issues with upgrading gracefully (or at least as gracefully as possible).

    Since you are giving away RAIN 2.0 for free, I’m not sure why they insist on this.

    It almost sounds like they are trying to out-Apple Apple, Inc. and their App Store rules and 30% cut of sales…

    I’m about to try the upgrade to 2.0.8 using my version controlled test project. Now that I have figured out how to get my NPCs moving again, I expect I’ll have to do a similar change to my project after upgrading to 2.0.8.

    Thanks for the update on the current situation.


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