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    RAIN Patch 2.0.7 Release Notes

    To grab the latest version of RAIN please click “Check for Updates” in your RAIN menu.


    - Waypoint behavior tree node behavior has been changed. Waypoint nodes are now container nodes that execute each child in sequence for each waypoint. For example, when using a Waypoint Route for patroling, the Waypoint node will select the first/nearest patrol waypoint, then execute each child (acting as a sequencer). Once each child has returned success, the Waypoint Route node will then choose the next waypoint and repeat. To use a waypoint node for patroling, pathing, and motion, simply place a Move node as a child of the Waypoint, then set the Move Target of the Move node to the same variable used as the Move Target of the Waypoint node.
    - Existing behavior trees will be automatically upgraded for the new structure.


    - Navmeshes now generate faster and will automatically divide the mesh into a gridded array. The mesh is generated in parallel across grids, using as many processors/cores as it can.


    - Pathfinding and movement have been upgraded to no longer require that an AI Body transform is on the ground.
    - Move nodes in behavior trees now use Expressions for all parameters.
    - Added additional methods to RAINNavigator for testing whether a point is on the graph.
    - Added IsAt and IsFacing to RAINMotor.
    - MoveLookTargets now have Position and Orientation which should be used instead of Value.


    - Navigation Targets are now supported. These are individual named positions that can be used as Move Targets in the behavior tree. When doing so, specify the Navigation Target name in quotes (e.g., “Destination”).


    - Changed Sensor and Aspect fields in Detect nodes to be expressions.
    - Aspect objects are now valid destinations for the movement system (e.g., you can use the Aspect Variable as a Move Target).


    - Mecanim IK and Root Motion should now work properly.
    - Pathfinding and smoothing errors have been fixed.
    - Priority nodes have been fixed and performance improved.
    - Fixes to Sensors. Changed all public properties for Sensors to virtual.
    - Improved performance for Sequencer and Selector nodes.
    - Fixes to Mecanim Animator to correctly support States.
    - Fixed crashes when dragging/dropping in the BT Editor.
    - Fixed bugs in WaypointPath behavior tree node.
    - Fixed issues with failing to save serialization changes in prefabs.

    ** NOTE: We are planning a patch to deal specifically with Unity 4.3 issues. This version of RAIN may have problems with Undo in Unity 4.3.

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    A quick note - the update to RAIN currently requires that the RAIN folder is located directly in your Assets folder. If you have moved RAIN to a subfolder you should:
    1) While Unity is open, move the RAIN folder so it is at the top level, directly under Assets
    2) Perform the update as normal.
    3) Make sure you fix any errors and that the update finishes.
    4) Move the RAIN folder back where you had it.

    We’re working on a change to the updater so that in the future RAIN will correctly update into whatever folder you have it installed.



    Yuewah Chan

    Before update
    [assembly: AssemblyVersion(“”)]
    [assembly: AssemblyFileVersion(“”)]

    After update
    [assembly: AssemblyFileVersion(“”)]
    [assembly: AssemblyVersion(“”)] <- it is confused.



    The change to assemblyfileversion and assemblyversion was done purposefully. Those numbers are correct.



    I am trying to update to 2.0.7 but I always get that there are no updates available and my version is still
    I have the RAIN folder in the Assets folder. Also, I am obviously connected to the Internet.

    I am really looking forward because on my current version I have a lot of issues that I am hoping to be fixed in the newest version.

    What could be happening?
    Thank you.



    Is your project set to build to web player? If so, switch your build target to PC temporarily, do the update, then switch back.



    “Mecanim IK and Root Motion should now work properly.”

    My AI enemy still walking on spot when “Root Motion” is checked

    Any help ?




    my “root motion” was off from the parent object, i disabled it when I was with 2.0.6 version


    Thanks! great version



    Hello, I don’t know if this is the right thread to ask this, but is it possible to remove Rain from the Unity project (if needed) without breaking something? Hopefully deleting the Rain folder will do the trick?! Thanks to my eagerness I didn’t backup my project. ~_~



    You can remove RAIN without breaking anything non RAIN-related. Any objects with RAIN components will become unbound.

    If you don’t have anything rigged with RAIN, or if you don’t care about losing things that are, then yes - just delete the RAIN folder.



    First of all… amazing work and thank you for sharing this with the community! Posted this on the Unity forum but thought I would post here as well.

    I have been working with RAIN since the Indie version went free.. and recently had successfully worked through all of the tutorials on your site. Since the latest update (2.0.7) I cant seem to get the detect nodes to sense any aspects… I have stripped down the BT to a single detection node with zero success still… any ideas on what I may be doing wrong here?

    Thanks again!



    We’re slowly moving many of the parameters in the behavior tree over to Expressions instead of text fields. The Detect node changed in the most recent update so that both the Sensor and Aspect fields are expressions.

    When using an expression, make sure that when you are naming something, you put quotes around the field. When you are using a variable, no quotes. The update should have fixed this for you in existing projects.

    So, your aspect will now be “aspectname” instead of aspectname. Your sensor will be “sensorname” instead of sensorname, etc.

    We’re looking for a better way to deal with this, that will be both less confusing and less prone to error. We’ll see if we can get some syntax highlighting in there in the short term. We’re also considering some other change to the expression language that would require being explicit about variables vs. names of things.

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