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    Greetings RAIN community

    I’m a unity hobbyist, I’ve made several small 2d projects for my kids and have played around pretty extensively with 3d games, I’ve made basic FPS and action-rpg style working models. Previously I’ve done all coding myself, I’ve never used a Pathing / AI / or UI product because I wanted to learn and have atleast a basic understanding of the full process.

    However, recently I’ve began to really get into a game idea I had for a tactical squad based game, and I’ve decided to try out some of the Pathing / AI / UI products, beginning with RAIN. It has come highly recommended and has been used in a couple games I’ve enjoyed. I have a few very basic questions though after watching a few tutorials and reading though some guides, that I’d like to have answered before I begin using it so I know what to expect.

    1. In all the tutorials and guides I’ve found, everything is about npc’s, which makes sense cause that’s the bulk of its worth, but obviously the navmesh pathing and all of those features are integrated and work well, is it bad practice or something to rig the PC’s with RAIN to utilize the same pathing and detection behaivoirs? It seems like it should be used universal but the complete lack of reference to any PC type action in the guides and tutorials just made me begin to second guess it and think maybe its bad practice… the project I’m working on would be point and click movement, I would at a glance assume I’d turn the click on terrain into a waypoint creation for the PC, would that be correct?

    2. When working with behavior tree’s, is it possible to make the choices more variable for npc reactions? for example an enemy spots a player and there is a box/cover nearby… instead of making it a 100% condition (if cover within 5m take cover, if not shoot immediately) can i break it into variables like 50% of the time the enemy would take cover first, the rest of the time they shoot. and if its possible, is this kind of variation built into the behavior tree system or would i need to break out a variable and code the %, then return something to the behavior tree to determine the choice?

    if i think of other questions I’ll add them here

    Thanks for any help

    and your product looks amazing so far.



    1) That’s exactly what we did with the player character in our Squad Command package on the asset store. It uses an AI rig to control all movement. One of the advantages is that, since all characters use the same rigging and control, the player could swap into any character, or an AI could take control of any character, at any time.

    2) The Random node lets you assign weights to possible actions. The weights themselves are Expressions, so they can change over time if you want. (BTW - the random node normalizes the weighting across all child nodes so they don’t have to add up to 1. This is useful when dealing with variable weights.)



    That is awesome to hear

    was the squad command game point and click movement? i watched a quick video and it looked like the player was in fps mode

    Thanks for the quick response

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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